Another revelation came up about match fixing, this time veteran Aqib Javed is the one who exposed that cricketer who offered him for match fixing

Many Pakistan Ex-Cricketers are revealing about the match fixing stories shockingly in recent days, and this time it is Aaqib Javed the veteran Fast Bowler and swinging sensation nowadays coaching Lahore Qalandar franchise of PSL he revealed that he was also approached once for fixing a match

Former Pakistani cricketer Saleem Pervez was one of the culprits said Aaqib Javed, as Pervez was use to be the middle man and was having the responsibility to attract players for fixing the matches.

Aaqib Javed also quoted that “Million of rupees and luxury cards were handed over to a cricketer, they also asked me to fix the match and also warned me that if I refuses to accept the offer then they would bring my career to the end. Former cricketer Saleem Pervez was used to be the middle man to approach the players and give them offers of match fixers.

Not fixing the matches has been one of the reasons for my career to become very short, Javed said.

The time when I got aware about the fixing, I was rigid with my stance. Knowing that taking this stance will make my career shortened I still strongly followed my own principles. They tried to keep me away from the tours because of my nature and stance would also warn those people who would talk to me,” Javed said.

Many names came up for being convicted in match fixing issues in past years, but the most prominent of the names was of Salim Malik.

I am ready to cooperate with International Cricket Council (ICC) and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to get their clearance, to get able to earn a living by engaging myself in the game, said Malik.

The Former Test Captain, who was barred in 2000 by getting accused for match fixing by the PCB on the recommendation of Judicial commission report of Justice (R) Malik Qayyum also apologized to the fans and nations for his negative acts in a video message.

However the life ban on Malik was lifted back in 2008 by a lower district and session court, although PCB did not allowed him to restore his career.

Story by: Talha Ali Hashmi

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