Messiah Season 2: Why Netflix is delaying season 2? Who is going to remain in the cast? Everyone is desperately awaited of the news!

On 1st of January 2020 a thriller web series created by Michael Petroni named Messiah Season 2 was released on Netflix. Its first season was based on 10 episodes. The circulates around a man of a strange personality called “Al-Masih” by his followers having the real name “Payam Golshiri”.

His followers claimed in the show that he is awaited one the second coming of Jesus. Considering that his appearance in the world was sudden and immediately after getting turned in to the world he started to show miraculous stuff which attracts the people and drastically his following increased covering the whole world, but some of the people including a CIA officer never believed that he is the savior, and very curiously investigates about the acts “Al-Masih” did during his whole preaching period.

Based on 27 review on Rotten Tomatoes the series got 44% approval rating.

The series received a 44% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 27 reviews. The Site’s critical consensus states,” A promising premise and a superb ensemble can’t save Messiah out of its bland storytelling.” The series became very controversial due to the pessimistic feedback from the audiences.

Each and everything we can tell you about Messiah Season 2

After airing the first season on 26th of March 2020, Netflix cancelled the airing of season 2. Huge controversy was being created among the Muslim audiences of the series. It was reported that The Royal Film Commission of Jordan had requested Netflix to refrain streaming Messiah from the nation as a result of confrontational and controversial content covered in the series. The international pandemic played a substantial part in the passing of the show.

The conclusion of its travel on Netflix does not necessarily mean that it can not be broadcasted on any stage of loading. There were series, such as One Day At A Time, which has been canceled on Netflix, but they transferred to other programs like Pop. Let us not lose faith now.

Release Date and Twist

The creation is even if the show did locate a new platform with You Know What is currently happening today. So we really can’t expect anything. But nothing has been confirmed concerning the streaming platform yet.

We should not lose the hope that cast is going to be return in the season 2 as well which includes Michelle Monaghan ( Eva Geller), Mehdi Dehbi (Al-Masih), Tomer Sisley (Aviram Dahan), John Ortiz (Felix Aguero), Melinda Page Hamilton (Anna Aguero) and Stefania LaVie Owen (Rebeca Aguero). These are a few of the essential characters.

Plot: Is your show based on a real story?

Messiah is not based on real events, but it is a portrayal of reality. It makes the audiences wonder about their beliefs, religion, faith, politics, and borders. The story has more emphasizes on the Holy Book of Bible and other testaments while the essence of Holy of scriptures of Islam including Quran and Ahadi’th was quite missing in the series.

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Both the Holy Books discussed the next coming of Isa (Peace be upon him) (Peace be upon him) or Jesus or al-Massih, who would lead to the “consummation of the world” by fighting a war against the wicked that will establish peace on the planet and mark the launch of a new Millenium.

But, both of scriptures warned their believers about the false prophet who is going to come before the second coming of Isa (Peace be upon him) or Jesus Christ who will claim to be the savior. He would imitate to be the Messiah and will misguide the followers.

These are the concepts that the show is motivated from. Season 1 ended with a plane shot down by the US government. It carried Al-Masih and Mossad representative Aviram Dahan. Aviram wakes up in a field of blossoms in a desert. A young shepherd named Malik says: “You’re dead, he raised you.” Pointing at Al-Masih. Al Masih proceeds to create another one of the Plane Crash victims. As marked, Season 2 will dive into the last scene, and the investigations surrounding Al-Masih’s powers will last. Fans of the show is desperately waiting for season 2.

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