Wearing a mask potentially stops COVID-19

People wearing mask

According to a new research, the masks can play a important role in keeping away the COVID-19. While avoiding such destructive lockdowns further. As in San Frisco, it is mandatory for you to cover your face if you saw someone is coming towards you crossing distance of 30 feet away. A study’s models looked at countries with a culture of mass face mask wearing. Most of which also made wearing masks in public mandatory during the epidemic. Wearing a mask has become part of life Wearing a mask has become…

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Huawei “Learn ON for All” free certification

Huawei Learn ON for All

Due to the impact of novel coronavirus all educational institutions in Pakistan are still closed. It has created a huge gap in the communication between both the students and the educationists. Due to the discontinuation of the conventional educations system has ruined the learning ethics. It seems like to be very much certain that, these sorts of disturbances will lead the education setup to further irritating scenario. To contribute in the filling of this developing gap. Huawei “Learn ON for All” program has been launched in the country by Huawei…

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Microsoft closes all its stores permanently

Microsoft retail store

Physical stores of Microsoft all over the globe are going to be closed permanently. As Microsoft closes it stores globally but some of them are going to be turned into Microsoft Experience Centers that includes United States and four other location around the world. As per Microsoft, their Retails stores in New York City (Fifth Ave), London (Oxford Circus), Sydney (Westfield Sydney) and the Remond campus location are going to be turned as Microsoft’s Experience Centers. Only the store in London was just opened about a year ago. All other…

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Leased car owners, good news for you

Cars in showroom

State Bank of Pakistan announced that it has just reduced the rate of interest on car financing products. It doesn’t matter that you have leased car last year or planning to go for a new one. You just don’t need to worry about at all, it will cost you 50% cheaper. Commercial banks are also going to reduce their rate, because of reduction in the same from State Bank of Pakistan. Because any amendment in the rates of monetary policy of State Bank of Pakistan gets directly deem to be…

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Samsung Note 20: Most awaited news

Samsung Note 20

The latest ‘leak’ comes from Korean news outlet ETNews. Which reported that Samsung will launch one smartphone a month from August to October, it might be Samsung Note 20. According to the latest leak emerged from a Korean news channel. ET News stated that Samsung is going to launch a smartphone in a month which can be anyone between August to October. Samsung Note 20 is going to give tough time to iPhone The first phone of which we have heard to release is most probably Note 20. Which is a…

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Samsung Galaxy A01: economically great

Illustrated picture of Samsung Galaxy A01

If we talks about the smartphone with some great features, reliability, reputed and trusted name in the market. Then Samsung is the very first name usually comes in our mind. Samsung is maintaining the brand to release smartphones for both types of consumer, whether a high-profiled one or the one with lesser budget. Following their own trend Samsung has released a phone with enough features and a very popular price. Today if anyone wants to buy a new Samsung mobile with a low budget then it can be none other…

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OnePlus Nord is coming, it’s cheap and nice

OnePlus Nord

It has been officially confirmed from OnePlus that they are finally releasing a middle ranged smartphone. That is going to be called OnePlus Nord. Initially the rumors came up that, the OnePlus’s new phone is going to have single embedded front camera like its previous model of OnePlus 8. But after getting aware about the real specs it has been disclosed that OnePlus Nord is equipped with Dual Front Camera. OnePlus Nord is going to emerge with a fine dual camera It is going to have resolution of 32MPs in…

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