Microsoft closes all its stores permanently

Microsoft retail store

Physical stores of Microsoft all over the globe are going to be closed permanently. As Microsoft closes it stores globally but some of them are going to be turned into Microsoft Experience Centers that includes United States and four other location around the world.

As per Microsoft, their Retails stores in New York City (Fifth Ave), London (Oxford Circus), Sydney (Westfield Sydney) and the Remond campus location are going to be turned as Microsoft’s Experience Centers. Only the store in London was just opened about a year ago.

All other Microsoft store locations across the United States and globally will be shutting off. And the company is going to focus on digital retail. According to Microsoft, because the portals of, Xbox and Windows online store reached upto 1.2 billion monthly customer throughout 190 markets”.

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From today decision there no any negative impact is going to occur. “We are still highly committed to growing and developing the careers”. Microsoft Store VP David Porter said in a LinkedIn post.

Microsoft closes stores earlier due to the COVID-19 pandemic

From a reliable resource we just came to know that Microsoft planned this to be executed in next year. But due to the novel coronavirus pandemic Microsoft had to enforce the execution earlier.

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Microsoft is going to launch its X-Box Series X on this holiday. It is therefore we have seen a little bit of delay and flexibility in the execution of the plan.

Microsoft said that its “approach for re-opening Microsoft Store locations is measured and cautious. Guided by monitoring global data, listening to public health and safety experts. Tracking local government restrictions.” At the time, the company declined to offer an update on when any stores might open again. Since many Microsoft stores are in shopping centers and malls, the continued closure hasn’t stood out as unusual.

In US states that are taking a cautious approach to restoring retail operations to avoid a resurgence of the novel coronavirus. Most malls remain closed. There have already been spikes of COVID-19 cases in regions with more relaxed guidelines. It has led Apple to re-close some stores where it had only recently welcomed customers back in. 

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