Wearing a mask potentially stops COVID-19

People wearing mask

According to a new research, the masks can play a important role in keeping away the COVID-19. While avoiding such destructive lockdowns further. As in San Frisco, it is mandatory for you to cover your face if you saw someone is coming towards you crossing distance of 30 feet away. A study’s models looked at countries with a culture of mass face mask wearing. Most of which also made wearing masks in public mandatory during the epidemic.

Wearing a mask has become part of life

Wearing a mask has become an important part of your daily wardrobe nowadays. Leaving for outside you previously you usually took Keys, wallet and phone. But from now on one more thing has been added to this list which is you “mask”.

According to a new research, phase wise life is getting to be normalized. But you don’t even think to throw away your mask, because mask is the only defender being with you for the whole time. While you are outside and surrounded by those destructive proteins of coronavirus.

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In a study it was reported that, “Governments are trying to find a way out to get rid of these disturbing lockdowns. Method of universal masking is going to be a key Non-Pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) for countering the rapid and certain spread of the contagion”.

As mentioned before, the provision of wearing mask in San Francisco. Similarly, Governor of New York has also issued an order mentioning that you can stop anyone tries to enter your premises without mask. And while there are still certain groups who either strongly oppose face masks. The matter of fact is that the face masks could be the very immediate product to counter COVID-19.

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Story by: Talha Ali Hashmi

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