Free COVID-19 testing facility now in Karachi


There is good news for all those citizens which are not able to go for a COVID-19 test. Due to the low budget more than 50% of citizens avoid to go for the COVID-19 screening test. Now you can have a COVID-19 test free of cost. Thanks to Pakistan Red Crescent Society as they have organized a testing facility at Hilal-e-Ahmer House, Karachi. Just go there to have a walk-in COVID-19 test.

Officials of Pakistan Red Crescent Society said that, “to request an appointment for the test you have to call on Red Crescent’s Agahi Helpline 021-37130084. The helpline remains active during 9am till 7pm, and they conducts test during 10am till 3pm daily.

Those people will be considered first who matches the following scenarios:

  1. Appeared with COVID-19 symptoms
  2. Had came into contact with COVID-19 confirmed case
  3. Travelled abroad recently

Prime objective behind the establishment of facility is to entertain those who can’t afford a COVID-19 test. The Indus Hospital is the one who backed PRCS with technical support.

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Other contributions of PRCS beside the free COVID-19 testing facility

To ensure the safety of the paramedics at the virus testing facility, PRCS has provided them all the safety measure along with personal protective equipment, because it is their foremost priority to keep the staff away from any sort impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

Donations are called for procurement of the testing kits, and to overcome the operational cost of the facility. We are pleased to have such a high level of contribution and assistance from donors abroad, said by PRCS Sindh Chairperson Shahnaz S. Hamid.

PRCS has also deployed its volunteers at the Field Isolation Center at Expo Center Karachi, and at the operations department of Pakistan Disaster Management Authority. While they also have established their own Emergency Control Room at its provincial headquarters as well.

PRCS is very much concerned for the protection of health professionals all across Sindh from COVID-19 pandemic. It is therefore they had distributed KN-95 masks among all those are deployed in different public sector hospitals in Sindh.

To learn more about the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, just click here

By: Talha Ali Hashmi

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