New pandemic, are we really expecting it?

a sever pandemic

According to a study a new flu type of virus has been observed in the Chinese pigs. And it has become very much contagion among the pigs. While the humans who are coming in contact with those tainted pigs are also getting infected from it. And it needs to be monitored closely before it became a new pandemic like COVID-19. However the experts stated that, “we don’t believe that there is going to be a forthcoming threat because of this virus among pigs.

Influenza virus traced in pigs from the period of 2011 till 2018, actually analyzed by the group of Chinese researchers. And in result they found G4 strain of H1N1 that has “all the potential signs of a contagious virus”, stated in their research paper published in US Journal through National Academy of Science (PNAS).

Measures to be taken immediate to stop a new pandemic

Immediate measures need to be taken. Primary and quick monitoring to be conducted. Workers who are being deployed in the pig farming industry, to test if they have been attacked with any sort of contagious virus. The population exposed to the areas near to the vicinity of farms. People living near breeding facilities, meat processing industries, slaughterhouses and wet markets are highly endangered from this new potential contagion.

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All the dense populated areas of China are also in serious problem. As they have the potential to being infected by the virus primarily. We all need to remember that, China became the reason to spread the virus and being declared as the epicenter of COVID-19 by WHO.

The COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic was proved to be originated in the horseshoe bats in China. According to a research, it has been spread over to the humans firstly in Wuhan. And afterwards it got spread all over the globe. And afterward it became mutated due to its rapid transition in humans.

History says that, China has proved to be vigilant in this type of situation like in 2009, during outbreak of H1N1. They restricted the flights coming from affected countries. Afterwards they transferred thousands of people into quarantine. As per the research conducted by Chinese scientists, this virus is a combination of 2009 H1N1 and another one found in pigs. According to a biologist of University of Washington, “virus is quite capable of tainting the humans. But still there is no evidence of forthcoming risk of a new epidemic.

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Story by: Dr. Muhammad Afroze

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