Unban PUBG in Pakistan campaign on twitter

Unban PUBG in Pakistan

As we all know that PUBG has got banned in Pakistan. It was one of the most favorite online games among Pakistani teenagers right now, and every teenager had became addicted of the game. But after receiving directions from Lahore High Court, Pakistan, PTA has banned the game all over the country. This has spread a very depressing impact on the youth of the country. It has ignited a campaign named Unban PUBG in Pakistan.

The ban was imposed on 1st of July by Lahore High Court till the next hearing going to be settled on 9th of July, in which jury will analyze the things further. It all had happened after the PTA received multiple complaints from the parents.

Because due to the tasks assigned in the game and other missions, ratio of suicides was increased a lot. And many of analysts were expecting this ban already due to the scenario created after a number of suicidal attempts appeared.

Unban PUBG in Pakistan is becoming to trend on Twitter

A special email address has also been publicized by PTA, which is pubg@pta.gov.pk, and they have asked the general public to give their views and feedback regarding the ban maximum by 10th of July. PTA is receiving rapid replies from the game lovers, as they are demanding to lift up the ban immediately. Linking the said demand they also have initiated a trend on Twitter in which they demands for lifting of the ban.

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After getting backed by many of the lovers of PUBG, the campaign has boosted a lot and #unbanpubginpakistan has now became top trending on Twitter in Pakistan, following are some of the tweets from the PUBG lovers witnessing that Unban PUBG in Pakistan campaign is at its peak right now

In the next hearing of Lahore High Court, which is going to be held on 9th of July, court will pass a decision of whether the ban should be lifted up or they are going to prolong the ban. There are so many other apps and games, which needs to be watched out and to be monitored. The issue does not lies in the game, the main issue is the addiction.

Attention parents

Parents should watch out to control the addiction of their children, because any sort of addiction leaves a very bad impact on the mental and physical health of your child. Parents are required to monitor their children, so that they will not get addicted to any sort of negative habit. Many of the societal issues will get resolved, if we got successful in protecting our children from any sort of addiction, it does not matter if its PUBG or something else.

Story by: Talha Ali Hashmi

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