Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, all about the new product

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung is going to unveil its new sensation in gadget market. This time its not a phone this time its Samsung’s new earbuds. In some of new leaked photos for the first time the product can be seen with its charging case. Evan Blass was the first who leaked the photos of the earbuds following a prior leak of 9to5Google. It has been exposed alongwith charging case and bronze color scheme. It has also been revealed that the product is going to be called Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

The best part of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The best modified part of these Galaxy Buds Live is that it does not designed with silicon inner ear tip which was used to get fixed in the inner ear canal when you wears them, its bean shaped design fits the outer part of your ear without giving you any pain or discomfort. This new design has all the potential to beat the previous version of Samsung Buds called Galaxy Buds Plus.

In the leak revealed before they never showed the charging case, but it is quite similar to the typical charging cases which we have seen before with true wireless headphones. It will be charge through the conventional charging pins which can be seen in the leaked pictures.

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It has been saw that in the leaked pictures the upcoming earbuds are going to have a couple of microphones incorporated in the Galaxy Buds Live. Those can be used primarily to take the calls. The mics are also going to support the feature of Active-noise cancellation.

The earbuds are going to be unveiled in the month of August, which is very soon. So that we can get able to find the authentication of all those rumors about the Samsung’s new product. As in the same month we might be having Galaxy Note 20 a real upcoming giant in the smartphone’s arena. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live will surely come beside the dashing smartphone.

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Story by: Zain Ansari

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