HEC introduced Competency Based Education, Good News for all

Competency Based Learning

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan always try to make things better for the students and introduce the new standards which makes our education system matching in the modern day world. In continuation of this streak another initiative has been taken and HEC introduced Competency based education for undergraduate level in Pakistan, said HEC officials in a statement.

Why HEC introduced Competency Based Education?

Competency based Education refers to as the Education System which facilitates the student and allow him/her to continue the education according their own feasibility, like online session, project based education and portability. In other words in CBE we believes that, through continued progress, the goals of those who advocate for a constructive, project-based approach and those who want to ensure scalability, portability, rigor and consistency can be merged. It is basically a blend of online, skills, campus based education.

After consultation with more than 1000 academicians of 143 universities of Pakistan, HEC has finalized the steps of initiate the CBE program throughout the country. From this step taken by HEC, students of all those genres who are working in the industry for a long time and have enough potential to obtain a degree can get able to utilize their experience by this blended education based program by HEC.

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Words of Chairman HEC

Basically the abilities are defined as combination of knowledge, skills, behavior, as well as interpersonal behavior of the aspirants that allow them to succeed in their future life. HEC’s Chairman further added that “Universities are expected to work in a more efficient manner that can prove to increase the chances of success, particularly through undergraduate degree programs, which has always been considered as the backbone of any Higher Education System. Still this has not been the main concern of ours. The root cause of its initiation is that in past this sector was remained lacking of attention of the authorities, and also due to the quality of university education”.

According to the Chairman HEC the new system is going to have the potential of increasing students future success, and it is designed to ensure that our education system will match the requirement of future requirement of candidates.  

Chairman HEC announced that this new program is going to be commenced from the upcoming new academic session.

Revision of Curriculum

HEC further stated that the old curriculum will not be able to match the developing requirement of the modern 21st century and our revised curriculum will have the abilities like critical and creative thinking, problem solving approaches, effective communication, quantitative study, team up work, or various research methods to the students of Pakistan.

A very innovative curriculum is being designed by HEC to develop skills like interpersonal and social characteristics in Pakistani students. The most interesting and appreciable thing of this new curriculum is that it is focusing on more practical and field based education rather than sticking with the theoretical concepts only. The new plan of study will emphasize on survey, curiosity, discovery and exploration.

Programs going to be facilitated from CBE

The CBE and the new curriculum is going to be implemented on all of the 4 years undergraduate degree program like BS and professional degrees like MBBS, B.E., and LLB etc. Along with these 4 year degree programs, students of 2 year associate degree programs will also be facilitated with this study mode.

Story by: Talha Ali Hashmi

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