Diagnosed with Diabetes? Don’t worry, you are absolutely fine

Diabetes article

When you are being diagnosed with Diabetes, it is quite shocking; it’s a human nature that makes you shock, because it was something that you never have expected.

After getting diagnosed with Diabetes you need to change your way of living

But you have to show the nerves, because diabetes has become very common nowadays, and almost every 3rd person is having diabetes. Don’t take it as an illness and disorder, consider it as a special condition of your body. Because this condition is going to be stick with you till the end of your life. You need to change everything according to it, including diet, personal lifestyle, mindset and professional life everything.

Maintaining a healthy diet

You need to make some principles from now on like you can’t eat whatever you want as you usually do in the pre-diabetes life. You need to think twice before grabbing something in your hand to eat.

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Drinkable you should avoid or to take with no sugar

Drinkables to avoid

You need to avoid artificially sweetened food, everything which includes added sugar like tea, coffee, canned juices and softdrinks etc. Now sugar can prove to be a slow poison for you. You can use artificial sweeteners in tea, coffee or any other drink or food, these are safe to intake. And always drink a sugar free softdrink, many of the rumors are floating that sugar free softdrinks are useless and they have sugar in it, all these are rumors, diet or sugar free soft drinks are best for the diabetics.

Most of the times you feels some disorder in your stomach like digestive problems and others. In these situations soft drinks plays a vital role to give you relief. And the thing you need to remember is to only take sugar free or diet soft drink.

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Eatables to avoid

Avoid all the food having carbohydrates in it, like potatoes, bananas, rice and white plain flour etc these food items gives a very high and rapid raise to your blood sugar levels. I am not asking to completely minus these from your life, you can take them but in a very low quantity.

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Avoid them or keep them minimum in your diet

Include whole grains in your diet as they are rich of fiber and never gives adverse impact to your diabetes.

Description: 9 Health Benefits of Eating Whole Grains
Whole grains and pulses are great for diabetics

Meat priorities are also need to be changed as you can’t take a lot of chicken, beef and veal, you can take them in lower quantity.

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You should try to avoid them or keep it at the minimum level in your diet

In place of these you can take fish meat; it is rich of protein, fiber and good fats.

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Fish is the richest source of fiber and proteins, diabetics should keep the regular intake of it

Physical effort is a must

You are required to maintain your sugar levels in good values. To generate good values you need to include exercise, jogging or a long walk in your daily life, however, it will become mandatory for you to include these physical exercises in your life otherwise you have to suffer a lot due to high blood sugar levels that causes bodyache, excessive urination, skin infection, laziness etc.

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Jogging, walking and exercising is a proven practice for keeping yourself healthy, but for diabetics it is must

If you are not ready to do exercise, then you need to go for the medicines. Medicines are always being quite expensive as they will add estimated cost of around $50–60 in your monthly expenditure. And will also impose different types of side effects.

Intake of medicines and their side effects

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Different medicines are being prescribed by the doctors to control blood sugar levels

Diabetician will ask you to take direct insulin; many diabetics avoid this option at the initial stage. Another option are pills, among pills Metformin is the most common that doctors prescribes you. Metformin as proved to be the most successful medicine in controlling blood sugar levels but have equal side effects.

Deficiency of Vitamin B-12 due to pills

The main of the side effects Metformin gives you is the deficiency of vitamin B-12; vitamin B-12 plays the most vital role in our body. It keeps vitalize the whole day it prevents you from different skin infections, hair fall, muscle pain, weakened eye sight. It is therefore in addition you also need to increase your intake of vitamin B-12 regularly. It can be both from foods like fish meat etc; otherwise the another way to take it regularly can be the form of pills.

It would be great if you avoid the medicines and reduce your blood sugar levels through exercise and other physical efforts.

Mandatory changes in professional life

As it is mentioned above that after getting diagnosed with diabetes you need to change your whole life style, it includes your professional life as well. There is possibility that your existing job is having some credit also to make you a diabetic. Because the diabetes can get triggered in your body if you take excessive mental pressure and stress. If your job keeps you too busy in thinking and engaging yourself in a lot of mental pressure or your boss wanted you to produce 1 billion dollars in return of his investment of 100 dollars then the first and foremost step you need to take is to leave that job immediately.

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Because in your post-diabetes life you cant bear these type of mental pressures. It will directly impact your related organs and can be vulnerable for your blood sugar levels and even for your blood pressure. And if you still wants to keep going with this killer job then you have to get ready for worse scenario.

Take special care of your diabetes

Never consider yourself as a patient after getting diagnosed with diabetes, consider it as the special condition of your body. Because, if you consider it as one of your enemy then it will definitely going to give you a tough time. If you keep yourself friendly and take good care of it then it will also look after you many times in your life.

Story by: Dr. M. Afroze Alam

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