Not touring Pakistan? You will remain regretful! Here are the top tourist destinations of Pakistan

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Tourism always plays a vital role in giving a positive exposure to any country in the world as well as giving a boost to the economy. Pakistan is having all the natural sites better than any country to attract the tourists from all around the Globe. Pakistan has always been a top destination for the travelers from all around the globe planning for touring Pakistan. But after 9/11 the picture has got changed a lot and impact of US’s war in the neighboring country Afghanistan imposed the aftereffects on Pakistan as well. And nearly destructed the tourism sector, no one was willing to come in this part of the world. Even foreign news reporters suffered a lot to report from this part of the world.

But in 2014 and onward Pakistan fought hard in the north western part of the country, and Pakistani Army after a lot of sacrifices cleared the whole country from the terrorist footprints and now Pakistan has declared and proved to be a safe travelling destination for the tourist from all around the globe.

Views of different foreign travelers used to touring Pakistan recently

Following are the views of some of the famous travelers from all over the globe who has recently visited Pakistan and explored the whole country.

Joan Torres

Joan Torres | The Broke Backpacker

A traveler namely Joan Torres after touring Pakistan wrote in one of his article

“To be honest, very few people are aware of the potential of this country, so everybody gets particularly surprised when they hear my tales of Pakistani hospitality”

“Every time the Western media talks about Pakistan, it is not to show you how great its Himalayan mountains are”

Trevor James (the Food Ranger) and his wife Ting

Another Vlogger and Traveler from Canada, Trevor James (known as Food Ranger) along with his Chinese wife Ting Ting was touring Pakistan recently, he is famous for going in different countries and tastes different type of foods over there. And Pakistan can be said as one of the richest countries in terms of food and taste. Trevor James and his wife Ting posted on Instagram.

Trevor James posted on Instagram that “This ultra rich beef stew at Waris nihari in the deep back lanes of Lahore is a life changing flavour you must try in your lifetime! Wow!” James posted”

Ting posted that, “We are overwhelmed with the amazing hospitality here. Everywhere we go, people are smiling at us and welcoming us to Pakistan. I can feel the locals friendliness toward me and Trev everywhere we go. Traveling through this country has opened my eyes to how friendly and welcoming Pakistan truly is. Trev says he wants to keep coming back and has already fallen in love with Pakistan and I completely agree, we are going to have to keep exploring more of this beautiful country!,’ she wrote. ‘This is one of the best trips we’ve ever been on!”

Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky Bids Farewell to Pakistan in a Heartfelt Video - HIP

Another travelling geek from Arizona Drew Binsky share his views about touring Pakistan and posted on Facebook that,

“After spending nearly the last 2 weeks in Pakistan, I can confidently say that this is the CHEAPEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! By a long shot!

“It’s mind-blowing to me how affordable everything is here, from hotels to food to taxis to souvenirs. Basically for just $20/day, you can live comfortably. This is just one of the many reasons that makes coming to Pakistan so enjoyable.”

Eva Zu Beck

Eva Zu Beck collaborates with Jazz to showcase Pakistan's ...

Eva Zu Beck a Polish Vlogger and traveler who was recently exploring and touring Pakistan as female solo explorer, she has been so much inspired by the hospitality of Pakistanis and rich culture. She is promoting the tourism in Pakistan with great devotion and sincerity and that is why she has made a place in the hearts of all the Pakistanis. Following are some of her views about the country after touring Pakistan.

“The people here have big hearts, big smiles and open arms. I had never visited a country as welcoming or, indeed, as naturally diverse and stunning as Pakistan”.

Hands-down the most inspiring people I’ve met on my journey in Pakistan have been women, from female fighter pilots to mountaineers, to business owners and carpenters.”

My initial advice is the same whether you’re a man or a woman traveling to Pakistan: prepare for the most epic trip of your life. Research the places you’re allowed to visit as a tourist, go in the warm season, bring your hiking boots and an open mind. Pakistan is not at all the scary place most people imagine it to be.

The rich culture, irresistible cuisine, incredible national beauty and human kindness are some of the things I still find myself mesmerized by”

Pakistan in a glimpse

After giving you a lot of views of travelers touring Pakistan from different regions of the World, here is a glimpse of Pakistan for you.

Why K2 Brings Out the Best and Worst in Those Who Climb It
This is mount K2, 2nd highest Peak existing on the Earth

It is peak K2, in Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan; it is lying between the Karakoram mountain ranges. K2 is the 2nd highest peak in the world.

Pakistan is rich with the natural gifts from God, and K2 is one of those gifts. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Pakistan.

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Hikers from all around the globe are regularly touring Pakistan to hike over it, next mission of Hikers who got success in Hiking K2 is usually to climb Mount Everest (the highest peak in the World) in Nepal.

Pakistan can generate heavy revenue by planning the tourism in the country more effectively. As Pakistan has proven its significance in last 3 years, being a great destination for the travelers and discoverers from all around the globe. Since peace has been developed and maintained in all the upper areas of Pakistan, has made it safe enough to welcome Travelers from all around the world.

Travelling destinations in the province of Sindh

Nearly every part of Pakistan has its own significance in terms of attracting travelers like in Sindh there are many destinations like Tomb and Museum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mohatta Palace and Ferere Hall in Karachi, the whole old city area of Karachi, Makli, Moen Jo Daro, Ranikot Fort, Chokhandi tombs, Gorakh Hill Station and Beaches of Karachi.

Mazar-e-Quaid Karachi | Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam
Tomb and museum of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan)

Mohatta Palace: A tale of love lost - DAWN.COM
Mohatta Palace in Karachi, it has been a historical building and one of the most visited places on the map of Karachi

Karachi's Frere Hall: A library only for birds to visit | Pakistan ...
Ferere Hall at Karachi, was being used by the Founders of Pakistan to held important meetings at that time

The Most Impressive Buildings in Karachi, Pakistan
Many of these types of buildings are being found in the old city area of Karachi

Tales from Thatta: Makli Necropolis, Sindh - Buddies Expeditions ...
Makli Graveyard in the Makli city near in the Thatta District of Sindh

Mohenjo-daro | archaeological site, Pakistan | Britannica
Ruins of Moen-jo-Daro an ancient civilization being founded thousands of years ago, it was being discovered by the archaeologists after independence of Pakistan.

Ranikot Fort - Wikipedia
Ranikot fort in the area called Ranikot in Sindh, it has been a replica of great wall of China in Pakistan but it is original

Chaukhandi Tombs - Dost Pakistan
Chokhandi Tombs on the edge of Karachi, an ancient graveyard rich with traditional architecture of the region.

From Karachi to Gorakh Hills: A trip to the 'Murree of Sindh'
Gorakh Hills Station is a discovered recently by the travelers and in a very short span of time it has become one of the main source of attraction for the tourists coming to Sindh. People also called it Murree of Sindh due to its cold climate.

Cape Mount Beach Karachi - Sindh - Pakistan Travel Guide
Cape Mount beach of Karachi, Karachi is having a very long coastal belt and due to this it has multiple beaches always used to be great source of attraction for visitors and travelers coming to Karachi

Places to see in Punjab province while touring Pakistan

Punjab is rich and famous due to its Historical background, Multan is the land of Saints and Sufis you will see tombs and Shrines of Sufi saints all around Multan it shows the great Islamic sufi architecture. While Lahore is one of the oldest cities still existing in the map of the world and having a very rich historical architecture like Badshahi Mosque, Shahdara, Minar-e-Pakistan. Murree is one of the most visited tourist destination of Pakistan having cold, rainy, snowy season throughout the year and on contrary you will also see a vibrant desert of Cholistan in the Punjab province of Pakistan

From captivating history to intricate shrines: Multan has it all -
Tomb in Multan, in Multan you will find many of these kinds of tombs as Multan is famous for its Sufi culture, these depicts the great work of Islamic architecture.

Bādshāhī Mosque | mosque, Lahore, Pakistan | Britannica
Badshahi Mosque in Lahore being constructed in ancient times of Mughal Empire

Tomb of Jahangir - Shahdara Bagh - Lahore, Pakistan| Croozi
Shahdara in Lahore, tomb of Shahenshah Jahangir

History & Significance of Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore | Zameen Blog
Minar-e-Pakistan in Iqbal Park, Lahore, this is place where the resolution of Pakistan was passed in 1940, afterwards getting independence this monument was constructed over here

Murree never forgot
Murree Hill Station on the edges of Punjab Province, Murree is one of the most established tourist destination in Pakistan receives plenty of visitors regularly

Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab
Deserts of Cholistan in Bahawalpur District of Punjab

Visit points in the province of Baluchistan will amaze you

Baluchistan is the land of great natural sites we are still discovering the miracles of nature in Baluchistan. Baluchistan has become top tourist destinations since last two years as many attractive natural sites are being discovered since Gawadar has developed and still developing to be the greatest deep seaport of Asia. Pakistanis and international tourist are exploring Baluchistan destinations like exotic beaches of Kund Malir, Rani Mandir, Princes of Hope mount at Hingol National Park, Mola Chootak, cold weather of the province capital Quetta over there you will find Ziarat (Muhammad Ali Jinnah residence) and many natural sites.

Kund Malir Beach – Exact Managements Services
Kund Malir Beach, is the most exotic places lying on the map of Baluchistan, it has become one of the most visited tourists destination in Baluchistan

Pin on Religion
Rani Mandir in Makran District of Baluchistan, Pakistan, the temple is covered with a lot if mountains in its surrounding

POST EID | One Day Excursion to Hingol National Park -
Natural statue named as Princess of Hope by the Hollywood Superstar Angelina Jolie, whenever people goes to travel Hingol National Park, they never forget to reach out here.

Moola Chotok Waterfalls Khuzdar Balochistan Adventure Road Trip ...
Mola Chotak, a newly discovered tourists destination in Baluchistan, it has been the most exotic natural sites, till now it has been total off-road travelling to reach out here, but still people manages to visit here due to its miraculously natural beautiful ambiance.

PTI government decides to make Gwadar Port development as top priority
Port of Gwadar, this is going to be the biggest metropolitan of Pakistan

Travel Places in Ziarat Valley Balochistan - Explore Pakistan
Ziarat (Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s residency at Quetta, Baluchistan, now it has become a museum

Destinations in province of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa will give you jaw dropping effect every time

Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa has always been a great destination for the tourist since the beginning, as it has many natural sites to visit it has been covered with all the hilly areas like Naran Kaghan valleys these are the top tourist destinations, Abbotabad, Hazara valley, Lake Saif-ul-Malook and Malam Jabba in Swat Valley, these all are great attractions for the tourists.

Naran Kaghan Valley – The Fairy Land of Pakistan
A view of Saif-ul-Malook lake at Naran Kaghan Valley in Khyber Pukhtunkhuwa Province of Pakistan

Mansehra, Pakistan | Beautiful places, Background, Favorite places
Mansehra in Hazara Division at Khyber Pukhtunkhuwa

Abbottabad Pakistan *Mountains / spark studio - YouTube
Abbotabad is having its own attraction for the visitors it has all the natural green sites

Swat District - Wikipedia
Swat Valley is the heart of KPKs tourist destinations, it has been a great attraction for the travelers

Chair lift Malam Jabba, Swat Pakistan - YouTube
Malamjabba is famous for his Winter Sports, in 2019 international tournaments were organized over here and many of the international visitors sports persons came here to participate

Best Time to Visit Nathia Gali
Nathiagali at KPK is much famous tourist destination in Pakistan, as it attract most of the visitors due to its greenery and snowy weather

Azad Kashmir is used to be called a replica of Heaven

Azad Kashmir is the heart of the Pakistan’s tourism world, it is rich with all the natural sceneries a place could have. It has the longest natural border in the world between India and Pakistan, River Jehlum is separating the valley of Neelum between the countries, but we are not encouraging anyone to go over there as borders are always been very dangerous in every part of the world.

Neelum Valley – Paradise of kashmir – History Pak
Neelum Valley is the biggest valley spread over in two countries Pakistan and India, it is separating the two countries with the natural border of Neelum River, but we never encourage you to go to see that natural border because borders like these are always dangerous to visit.

rawalakot hashtag on Twitter

List of Banks in Forward Kahuta (AJK) | Content.PK


Mixed Culture of Muzaffarabad – History Pak
Muzaffarab City, the capital of Azad Kashmir, people visits over here the modern architecture covered with natural beauty.

Gilgit Baltistan is the love of Pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan is the face of Pakistan’s tourism that’s all I can say about Gilgit Baltistan.

Hunza Valley Travel Guide| IBEX
Hunza Valley, it is a dream destination for travelers, travelers can witness sceneries they used to see in their dreams, you can say that Hunza is the broken part of Heaven.

25 Pictures That Show the True Beauty of Karakoram Highway | Paki ...
When you reach GB you will going to take Karakoram Highway to travel further and during the travel you will witness multiple sceneries and eye-catching natural views of Karakoram Mountian Ranges.

Gilgit Baltistan||cold desert skardu ||Northern area of Pakistan ...
World’s highest cold desert is lying in Skardu District of Gilgit Baltistan Province of Pakistan; you will be amazed after exploring that incredible piece of art by nature

Kunjerab Pass (Hunza) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go ...
Khunjerab Pass, Border of Pakistan and China, it is the world highest border, it is lying in District Hunza

Pakistan has the most beautiful capital in the world

Islamabad the capital of the country, can be marked as the most beautiful capital a country could have in the whole world, it is surrounded with beautiful Margalla Hills, Shakarpariah Park, Pakistan Monument, Lok Wirsa museum, and another Shahadarah is in Islamabad, beautiful Monal Restaurant is lying over the Margalla Hills, everyone who goes over there never forget to have dinner at Monal, Faisal Mosque has prove to be the monumental identity of Pakistan.

Beautiful Mosque Indeed - Review of Faisal Mosque, Islamabad ...
Faisal Mosque surrounded by beautiful Margalla Hills
Pakistan Monument between the beautiful Shakarparian National Park

Lok Virsa Museum
Lok Virsa (Heritage) Museum, the one who want to know the historical background of Pakistan, this place is for that person

Shahdara Family Picnic Point, Islamabad - Road Trips / Vacations ...
Shahdara Valley in Islamabad is going to give you a dramatic change and will take you from the effect of a metropolitan to the natural habitat.
Monal restaurant is the prime choice of all the travelers to definitely have a dinner; it is situated in the middle of Margalla Hills from where you can witness the existence of beautiful Islamabad.

Still I am not being able to mentioned many of the places as I have to end this article, and if I goes to brief about all of the destinations in Pakistan then I have to write many more articles on it. So if you have not planned to take a tour of Pakistan yet, then don’t wait anymore, the pandemic is getting to an end and just for the sake of change you need to travel to Pakistan to witness the beauty of nature.


Story by: Talha Ali Hashmi (Creative Head, MTD), Talha is a researcher possessing a degree in Environmental Studies and a certified Environmentalist from Technical University of Denmark. He is writing on Current Affairs, Environmental Management, Education and Technology since last 8 years

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