Amazon is coming to Pakistan officially, great news!

Amazon in Pakistan

After that disturbance in services for whole two weeks in Pakistan, Amazon is making strategy to bring its cloud computing setup in Pakistan to persuade the public policy that can totally revolutionize the digital IT sector in Pakistan. Amazon is coming to Pakistan for bringing the cloud computing revolution in the country.

We have come to know from the reliable resources that currently at Singapore there has been a office registered with the name of Amazon Data Service Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. And the office for controlling Amazon Data Services in Pakistan has been operated from Singapore.

Why Amazon is coming to Pakistan officially?

Now after all these disturbances and hurdles for the period of about two weeks posed a very negative impact on the major parts of US and Pakistan combined, it is therefore Amazon has decided to establish an office in Pakistan. And for this Amazon is creating a team to run the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Pakistan. The prime objective of it is to stimulate the cloud computing in the country.  

The office operating Amazon Data Services for Pakistan is being led by Paul Andrew Macpherson designated as the CEO whereas Shoaib Munir is being settled as the director of the office, according to SECP’s database.

AWS hiring public policy experts for Pakistan

According to Profit, an anonymous spokesperson from Amazon expressed that “Amazon being one of the leaders in the technology is facing public policy issues to establish their facility in Pakistan and it is therefore now they are trying to trace out some public policy specialists for Pakistan, the prime objective of it would be AWS cloud computing solution implementation”.    

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Many of the other companies are also facing these policy issues in Pakistan and that is why they are used to hiring such public policy experts who can deal with the relevant authorities of Pakistan to operate or initiate their programs seamlessly.

AWS working to establish cloud computing services in Pakistan

AWS is much interested to develop its cloud computing facilities and products in Pakistan. Their biggest consumer of cloud computing can be the financial institutions like banks and other financing firms. All of these financial institutions lie under the jurisdiction of State Bank of Pakistan. SBP’s model namely “Framework on IT Governance and risk management in financial institutions” bounds every bank to utilize the cloud computing solutions from a company which is based in Pakistan and having all of its facilities like Offices, servers and services in Pakistan. To comply with these requirement AWS must need to establish its setup including own data center and cloud server in Pakistan officially.

Pakistan is yet to form a policy for Cloud Computing. It is therefore the task for it has been assigned to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication lead by Minister Mr. Syed Amin-ul-Haque, whereas the Draft Data Protection Act is lying with the consultants for necessary moderation.

Amazon is coming to Pakistan for revolutionizing the cloud computing sector in the country

AWS is continuously seeking for the opportunities in Pakistan. AWS has been well aware of the potential the country is having and it is therefore they are striving to work with relevant government authorities in Pakistan. In lieu of operating in Pakistan AWS is keen to work on developing and revising policies related to the digital economy, including cloud-first policies, data protection regulations, outsourcing guidelines, policies related to cyber security, tax frameworks, and the most important the regulations.

Pakistanis are desperately waiting for the AWS to get established in their country. It has been such an injustice with the Pakistanis that these type of services from which the whole world is getting benefits are not enabled for Pakistanis like AWS and Paypal. The companies as well as the Pakistani government need to think seriously now to make necessary moderation in their relevant frameworks. As they just can’t let the Pakistanis to left far behind in having benefits from these top services which rest of the world is enjoying.

Story by: Zain Ansari, he is a technology writer and blogger, his focus is to always find out any developments and events appearing in the technology world, his is writing content on operating systems, mobile devices, computers and gaming consoles since last 5 years

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