Results of O & A Levels is being announced by CAIE

CAIE Results

The most awaited news for the students is here, as Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has published the May-June 2020 results of O & A Levels which got cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the globe.

Results of O & A Levels being announced by CAIE

The announcement includes the results of O & A Levels, IGCSE, Cambridge International AS, IPQ, AICE and ICE.

Students around 950,000 from 4000 educational institutions from all around the globe were waiting for the results intensely since they all were very nervous to know about their results as these results were not going to be marked as per their attempted exams, these are going to be marked on the performance of previous years and predicted results submitted by their schools. CAIE has calculated the results using a four step process basically relying on the data provided by the schools. As the algorithm was not satisfying and the schools were flooded with the complaints of the parents about these results.

Details show that Pakistani students remained successful and achieved higher grades in English Language, Mathematics and Physics. While Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry remained favorite among the other international students.

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Efforts of CAIE

CAIE tried their level best to make this academic year safe enough for the students, and never showed any rush. But still students from all around the globe were worried about their grades as they have done a lot of hard work and preparation for the exams of May-June 2020 which got cancelled unfortunately.

In the unusual situation of COVID-19 pandemic, Cambridge International has taken special steps to ensure that the students of Cambridge throughout the globe can get able to continue their education safely, said Christine Owen, Chief Executive Officer of CAIE.

Students are worried about their results and taking too much stress of it because they want to seek admissions in different universities now and universities are having different criteria globally. And in this scenario when the results are being generated on statistical basis will put a great competition and can give tough time to the students in getting admission in their desired universities, wishing them luck.

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