UAE Israel joined hands resulted in the split of the Muslim World!

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On Thursday, 13th of August 2020 big change appeared in the world politics when a peace treaty called “Abraham Accord” was signed between UAE Israel. Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, many of the Muslim countries never maintained any sort of diplomatic relations with Israel. The reason is the unlawful occupancy of Islam’s 3rd holiest locations of the world Palestine.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) came into being in 1972. They neither accepted the existence of Israel nor maintained any diplomatic relations with them till 12th of August 2020.

President Trump announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Continuing it, it is important to mention here that on 6th of December 2017, president of US Donald Trump recognized and accepted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. After this recognition of US, the whole Muslim world came into agony. They were not ready to accept this decision as Jerusalem was previously a part of Palestine territory. And since the independence of Israel Jerusalem being the holiest place for all the three major religions of the world, including Islam, Christianity and Judaism was continuously remained to be a disputed territory. Due to this the Muslim world including the Palestinians were sacrificing and fighting to achieve their rights and hold over there once again.

This all has depicted a very critical position of Palestinians since past 70 years, which resulted to make the Muslim world keeping their ties broken with Israel in terms of diplomatic relations, trading, tourism and studies etc.

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But that traditional perception changed dramatically, when the United Arab Emirates being one of the strongest Muslim economies in the world signed a peace treaty called “Abraham Accord” on Thursday.

What does the UAE Israel treaty really says?

UAE and Israel will fully normalize their diplomatic relations. They will exchange embassies and ambassadors and begin cooperation across the board and on a broad range of areas including tourism, education, healthcare, trade and security’, as per Donald Trump, US President and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. 

Also, a joint statement has been released by Trump, Netanyahu and Zayed that the diplomatic ties will advance peace in the Middle East region. It is also a vision of the three leaders and the courage of the UAE Israel to chart a new path that will unlock the great potential in the region. 

Response of Muslim world on UAE Israel alliance

The Muslim world is condemning and protesting against this treaty. It seems like that the world has divided into two blocks. Including those who are condemning this step and others not doing so. Like Saudi Arabia which are supporting the formation of ties between the two of them by keeping a strange silence.

Many of the Muslim nations has threatened UAE to suspend the diplomatic terms with them. While UAE is standing tall with its decision and said that “this decision was in the Emirati interest and for the betterment of Middle East peace situation. We need to keep in our mind that, in result of resuming ties between UAE Israel a revolutionary deal was being signed. In result of the deal Israel should suspend the planned execution for vacating the Palestinian territories. But still Palestinian leaders and nation is condemning the decision and saying that UAE has betrayed with the cause.

While Egypt, Bahrain and Oman had shown their support for the treaty, and they have been thanked by the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

UAE’s Assistant Minister of Culture and Public Diplomacy on UAE Israel ties

In addition UAE’s Assistant Minister of Culture and Public Diplomacy Mr. Omar Saif Ghobash said that, “the agreement was being signed and processed due to the non-availability of any considerable proposal from the other Arab countries. And being a sovereign state we don’t think that we need to inform or consult with any other country”.

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“I think we’ve demonstrated that we are able to enter a very staid and tired situation and to shake things up, and we look forward to seeing positive developments coming out of this real engagement,” he told AFP in an interview.

European Union’s response

While EU diplomatically tackled the matter and stated that, “we will remain committed with our two states resolution. And we are ready to work on it if we have been called for the resumption of the negotiations between the two nations.

Pakistan looks standing rock steady with the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. Including the right of self determination. But maintaining peace and stability in the Middle East will remain in the top priorities of Pakistan.

Palestinians screaming for justice

For Palestinians the UAE has betrayed them, and it is quite certain if such type of response comes from one of the strongest Muslim nations. As unlawful occupancy of Palestinian lands has been a great issue since last many decades. But such type of response from the Muslim allies can proved to be a great damage to the cause of conquering Jerusalem once again by the Muslims.

UAE being an independent state is also falling in the right path as they have not done anything unlawful. According to them they have done something for which they reserved the rights. While for Israel it has been a great success as entering UAE could be entering the gateway of Muslim world. As Israel have been facing issues with almost every Muslim majority country which counts around 50 in the map of the world. But now as UAE has opened their gates of all kinds for Israel can prove to be a real victory for them, as now they will get able to utilize each and every benefit any other country usually enjoys from UAE as mentioned above.

Awaited response of Leadership of the Muslim World on UAE Israel ties

Now world is looking to see further stance from Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia specially as these three are leading the Muslim world from the non-arab patch of the world. Pakistan has suspended the ties with Israel and never accepted its existence since their independence. As it has been mentioned on Pakistani passport that, “This passport is valid for all the countries of the world except Israel”.

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Malaysia was also having commercial and trading ties with Israel till the End of July 2020. In August 2020 Malaysia has also aborted their diplomatic relations and trade with Israel. While Turkey is having diplomatic and trade relations with Israel since 1949 and it was also the first Muslim Nation to accept the existence of Israel.

But right now Turkey possesses a very different position in the Muslim World and global politics. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been observed very fierce in speaking about the rights of Muslims and Islamic countries. It is therefore the whole Muslim world is looking forward to know about the stance of Turkey on this issue, as it is already struggling with the worst recession of their history right now.

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