GCSE O and A Level results will be revised, Great News!

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After announcement of the most controversial and de-motivating results in the history of Cambridge International Assessment and Education (CAIE), a great sigh of relieve has been provided to the disturbed and demoralized students of GCSE O and A Level and their parents. As the governments of different countries having students enrolled in GCSE communicated and discussed the controversial matter with the senior officials of Cambridge International Assessment and Education (CAIE).

In lieu of reviewing the announced results, the students and parents from all around the globe participated in the great protests since the results were announced. As none of them were ready to accept those results, as the results was being prepared and finalized following the four steps assessment based algorithm which included teachers’ predicted grades, ranking order, school review/approval and standardization. After the announcement of that only of its own kind result a flood of complaints and protests rolled all across the globe.

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Efforts of Government to make CAIE review the results of GCSE O and A Level

Now after the great efforts of the Government officials and continuous pressure being build up by the students globally, the prescribed algorithm of CAIE has been amended. And new terms of reference has been introduced, as the results are going to be revised according to the submitted predicted results by Schools way back before the announcement of the results.

But after the addition of that failed algorithm in the overall results, the students has got downgraded and lesser grades will never allow them to move towards better universities to pursuant their undergraduate programs. As GCSE’s education pattern and results are considered to be the best in the world in terms of providing a golden opportunity to move towards one of the finest educational setups globally like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and other top notch universities of the world.

Contributors from Pakistan in enforcing CAIE to review the results of GCSE O and A Level

In Pakistan particularly three personalities are being highlighted in negotiating with the Cambridge International, they include federal minister of education Mr. Shafqat Mehmood, Special Assistant for Overseas Pakistani Affairs Mr. Zulfi Bukhari and Provincial minister of Education Punjab Dr. Murad Ras.

All the above senior officials of the government led the case of students in the international arena and communicated to CAIE to review the result and amend the algorithm.

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Education Minister Mr. Shafqat Mehmood tweeted that:

 “Great news, our tireless effort has been successful,” announced the education minister on social media after an outcry from Pakistani students who felt they were unfairly graded.

Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mehmood

“Cambridge has decided that grades for June 2020 would NOT BE LESS THAN PREDICTED GRADES SENT BY SCHOOLS. PLUS Where a grade issued last week was HIGHER THAN THE PREDICTED GRADE, THE HIGHER GRADE WILL STAND.”

In addition, he said on Friday that as a result of the government’s intervention the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has agreed to review its grading procedure regarding the recently declared results. He added that the Cambridge International will announce its final verdict on the matter after review on Tuesday.

CAIE cancelled the exams GCSE O and A Level any many other program globally

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Cambridge International Assessment and Education had cancelled the exams of GCSE including O & A Level and all the other exams being conducted by CIE throughout the globe. Afterwards they announced about an algorithm going to be used for promoting the students in next grades without conducting any exams.

In a statement released by Cambridge International they said that they have been observing that whole scenario carefully and was finding a way out of attending these issues effectively.

It also stated that since the announcement of results on 11 of August 2020, we continuously receiving feedback from our schools and students. Releasing grades in such a hard time is being appreciated by the schools. They added that we are well aware of the concerns of everyone including schools, students and parent related to some aspects and parameters of our process. And we have implied our best resources to find a concrete solution for it, considering maintaining and building up the trust level of schools, universities and employers connected with us. They said that we will put up our consideration public on 18th of August 2020.

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And yesterday on 18th of August 2020, they announced about the great news, CAIE not only considering  the predicted grades submitted by the school, in fact they said that if the school predicted results were being lesser than the achieved grades of student then CAIE will consider the higher grades.

Protests appeared all across the globe opposing the announced results of GSCE O and A Level

This step has been a very motivational one from CAIE as students were very much disheartened with the achieved results. Students and their parents never accepted the results and continuously were protesting against the algorithm which forced the CAIE to amend the policy and revise the grades.

Scenario of protests in Pakistan particularly to oppose the said GCSE results

In Pakistan there were multiple protests being conducted. The major one was conducted outside the Office of the Federal Minister of Education Mr. Shafqat Mehmood in Islamabad.

But the minister responded to those queries with great devotion and dedication and brings the core members of the Government on board to bring the queries of students and parents in front of CAIE.

Equal standard of education is the biggest need right now in Pakistan

Students and parents are appreciating the efforts of the government and expecting same types of efforts in developing the local educational setup. Citizens of Pakistan are looking forward to the government’s act on deploying some effective techniques in developing an equal and single curriculum throughout the country. Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to be very keen in bringing revolutionary reforms to the education system of Pakistan.

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Students who are not being able to go for the GCSE still reserve the right to have better education. To bring revolutionary changes to the curriculum IK administration need to seriously take people from Cambridge International, Aga Khan board and other existing boards running under the government’s umbrella on a table to bring a top notch, implementable and internationally recognizable curriculum throughout the country. The step will remove the demoralizing classification of the students who are spending more on the education and the other who don’t have the power to spend huge amount on education.

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