Facebook asked by Pakistani IT Minister to clarify difference in policy for Pakistan and India

Facebook asked by Pakistani IT Minister to clarify

This article is going to let you aware about the international conspiracies being led by India to spread Hindu Nationalism and open support of Facebook for them, and what Pakistani IT Minister conveyed to Facebook

Sometimes it feels like that there is really something fishy has been cooking in the international politics. And these sorts of complications and dis-balancing of the things can be disappointing for the mindsets of the people who have been following that particular object or network with great devotion and interest. If you are not getting my point then I would tell you in clear words that here I am talking about Facebook.

Facebook continuously revising its policies and guidelines

Nowadays Facebook looks very keen and interested in revising their user policies, guidelines and community standards. After facing some serious allegations and charges of leaking out the privacy and data of its users, Facebook is continuously trying to do anything possible that can make their users feel much safer. Like deleting posts, blocking accounts & banning URLs etc.

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Earlier in August they deleted the post of President Donald Trump and said that he has violated some of their community standards. Means the most powerful man of the planet right now is also not allowed to violate their community standards and other guidelines. Isn’t that too harsh!

To some extent it is good to restrict people from posting content which is not proper for a certain category of users. Means if they are restricting anyone to stop posting the content showing brutal killings, or anything horrible or the previous categories they have been banning, then it’s good. Restricting people from posting content like child abuse, sexually explicit content is much appreciable.

Moderation system of Facebook is imposing injustice

But Facebook has been doing injustice with people who actually don’t know about their community standards which comprises of more than multi-hundred pages.

Facebook is showing different type of behavior for users of different ethnics and classes. It sounds weird but that is reality. Because sometimes users have to lose their accounts and their hard work of many years gets wasted in just a few moments. Whenever some spooky AI Bot of Facebook traces anything even near to the content for which that bot is programmed to block, it blocks all those things whether it is some text, image, a video or a website link with no mercy.

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I am just telling you those terrible actions just because I also have witnessed those situations and nowadays facing these types of issues frequently. And sometimes Facebook lets some people to live as freely as they could, they allows them to fly higher in the sky that no one else is allowed to do.

Why Facebook likes India’s BJP Party and RSS so much

One big example of their injustice is the open provision of their undue favour to India had been explained and analyzed on 14th of August in a story had been published in Wall Street Journal stating about the relief and exemptions Facebook is providing to PM Modi’s rapid spread of Hindu nationalism and hatred against Muslims and other minorities in India.

The request for banning the page of one of the extremists MLA of BJP Party T-Raja Singh was refused by Facebook’s public policy Executive in India Ankhi Das representing the social media giant in India. T-Raja Singh announced to shot dead the Rohingya Muslim refugees, labeled Muslim as traitors and threatened to destroy mosques on his Facebook Page.

Representative of Facebook in India openly supporting BJPs nationalism movement

The role of Ankhi Das was also been stamped with a big question mark by the own employees of Facebook.

And according to the story been published by WSJ it stated that employees at Facebook quoting Das as saying “that punishing violations by politicians from Mr. Modi’s party would damage the company’s business prospects in the country.”

Following is the evidence that these pages are still active on Facebook

History has witnessed that many of the extremist BJP leaders used their Facebook pages to spread hatred and Hindu nationalism all over India. And in results of those speeches filled with hatred, multiple riots came into existence like the recent one happened in New Delhi which resulted terrible attacks and killing of innocent Muslims and damaging the mosques.

Video promoting violence and hate speech is still available on Facebook

Following video is being embedded from Facebook, it is still right there, you just go check yourself, also try to listen that what disgusting this man is saying about Muslim people, and according to Facebook it is not lying under Hate Speech or violation of community standards.

T raja singh

दक्षिण भारत का हिन्दू शेर टी. राजा सिंह !!

Posted by लोधी पुष्पेन्द्र प्रताप सिंह पृथ्वीपुर on Saturday, April 11, 2020

All of these things are not bothering Facebook at all. They have made their AI bots shut downed for India and it seems like that Ankhi Das is going it herself for Facebook, how committed and dedicated she is! Facebook is showing great temperament on observing the situation with the Hawk Eye, and it seems like that they are waiting for the worst scenario to come. I think after that worst situation they are definitely going to show some of their best moves to India. Isn’t that insane?

On other hand they are continuously showing their skills of removing the unwanted content rapidly. Oh it means that those speeches being stated on the pages of those Hindu nationalists doesn’t lies under Facebook’s unwanted content category and “COMMUNITY STANDARDS” hey look I have placed inverted commas on that!

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Strict stance came out from office of IT Minister of Pakistan

On 20th of August Minister of IT Amin-ul-Haque had issued a statement and said that:

we are having serious concerns over Facebook Alleged policies favouring Modi and his Hindu nationalist BJP Party. He added that Facebook has completely ignored the posts of extremist BJP workers and leaders being shared to spread violence throughout the globe.

In addition Amin-ul-Haque said that the company is having a soft corner for BJP and it has been proved after witnessing that those hate speeches from the workers of BJP and RSS had been marked as Flagged by thousands of users all around the globe. But still there is no response coming from Facebook on those posts.

According to the Minister “Facebook is just trying to save their financial goals considering that India is a big market, and they can’t afford to lose market of such a huge scale. He also said that Facebook need to clarify about the difference between their policies designed for Pakistan and India. Because they need to think that if India is a big market then Pakistan is also one of the fastest emerging and major markets in the digital world. Their policies should be as clear as they have made the policies to restrict the content showing activities of Israeli troops in Palestine”.

Responsibility on the shoulders of Facebook

Facebook is the most loved and widely used social media network right now in the world. Majority of the world population are utilizing Facebook to run and grow their small and large businesses. No one can afford to lose their account on being trace by some bot without been provided with a chance for justification. Though, Facebook bears a greater responsibility to look after each and everything to justify the things more effectively.

Zain Ansari

Story by: Zain Ansari, he is a technology writer and blogger, his focus is to always find out any developments and events appearing in the technology world, he is writing content on operating systems, mobile devices, computers and gaming consoles since last 5 years

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