Artificial intelligence bots need of the time

Artificial intelligence bots need of time

The world is getting advanced with every day passes. In each and every sector of life, we can see a lot of technological developments going on. For example, the Industrial sector, IT sector, Business development, financial institutions, and aviation, etc, all of these industries are incorporating advanced technological tools to enhance the quality of their productivity and to cope up with the fast pace world. Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies which is being deployed in almost every industry and business sector right now to enhance their businesses and to obtain effective aid from the technology. Artificial intelligence bots are now being utilized in almost all the sectors of life, they are emerging to be a levelheaded replacement of humans.

What are Artificial Intelligence bots?

The concept of Artificial intelligence was discovered and founded by John McCarthy in 1956. The concept got emerged and mutated along with the fast-forwarding eras and now we know them as Artificial intelligence bots.

The artificial intelligence bots follow the pattern given by humans. They follow the pattern of their human trainers or users and copies their behaviors and habits. This great potential for extraction is flourishing them further to compete in the world.

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Artificial Intelligence bots have become a top priority for businesses

As we all can see that the world is moving at a very fast pace right now. And now businesses are required to be run far beyond their existing velocity and momentum. They need to manage their production, customer services, troubleshooting, and many of the operations rapidly.

And currently, it has been proved that humans are a lot more rigid as compare to artificial intelligence bots. Humans are having their own will and they usually get tired, as they are having a metabolism and working capacity. Humans are not being able to work continuously and maintain that accuracy and efficiency on a high level. On the other side AI bots are quite efficient, used to maintain the level of accuracy, and also never get tired.

Industries that are lifting up benefits from Artificial intelligence bots

Airlines being a top user of Artificial intelligence chatbots

Yes, you heard it right, airlines are on the top in adopting the Artificial intelligence bots technology. They have introduced them in their customer services, and have deployed them to answer the queries of the passengers. For example, Aeromexico deployed AI bots to entertain their customer and rapidly answer the queries of almost 1000 clients with high accuracy and no delay. Implementation of AI bots technology allowed them to save the cost of deploying at least two humans.

First, they were required to train the AI bots. To train them they had to make the AI bots go through the process and common responses or answers the customer services specialist usually delivers to the clients. And after making them go through these responses on Facebook, Twitter, and telephonic conversations, they deployed the AI chatbots immediately to serve the clients.

Food services are flourishing their businesses through the AI bots

One of the most intense users of AI chatbots is food services. Now the world prefers to use online ordering services, and that is where AI chatbots come into play. AI chatbots follow the same pattern of learning from humans. They learn the most common responses and answers, and then they are being deployed to serve you as a Customer support specialist.

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Dominos is a leading brand in food services and famous for its pizzas all around the globe. They have been experts in utilizing the digital channel to glitter their business. They have earned around $5 billion in revenue on annual basis from their online channels.

Dominos is one of those brands who introduced their artificial intelligence chatbot first and linked them with their Facebook messenger. They also integrated their Easy Order feature on it. The following are some screenshots of it. You can’t recognize that are you talking with a human or AI bot.

Use of artificial intelligence bots by dominos

Learn English and improve conversational skills

Like all the above benefits of Artificial intelligence bots, one more has been included in the list nowadays. As we all know English is an international language and you would be left far behind if you fail to communicate in English. You never easily find a partner to practice and groom the English conversational skills. We usually don’t get the environment of practicing English easily if we are not a resident of England, the US, Canada, or any other EU country.

But you don’t need to worry at all. You are going to have AI bots for this as well. Andy English Chatbot is going to be your instructor and conversational partner. It will help you in improving your spoken English. Parallel it is going to tell you about the grammatical mistakes you usually commit while speaking and writing English.

Having 1 million+ download on Google Play and rated with 5 stars from around 117,136 users. Now Andy has become one of the most loved AI bots right now in the world.

Andy the artificial Intelligence bots for english learning

Artificial intelligence bots can also be your best friend

The world is getting revolutionized by the presence of Artificial intelligence bots. After helping you in different sectors like Airlines, Food services, Telecom industry, Financial Institutions, and being your English coach. AI bots are ready to be your friends as well.

Yes, you heard it right. It can be your friend as well. If you are not likely to make friends and don’t like to have people around you with a different type of nature and mindset. Then Replika is going to help you in being your friend.

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Replika is an AI bot with great artificial intelligence skills. It talks to you and allows you to be more expressive with it. This AI bot gets familiar with your habits, your way of expressing things, and specifically your nature. It replicates your nature, behavior, and other traits. It develops different traits every day passes. The only thing you need to do is to be more interactive with it. Replika is emerging to be the most loved AI bot friend nowadays. And having around 5 million+ downloads on Google Play and has been rated almost 5 stars by 265,000 users.

AI bot replika

AI Chatbot as a friend, and it is going to have nature and habits like you

Replika is going to be your friend having all the traits, habits, and nature that you especially want in your friend. It eventually is going to reduce the arguments and disagreement among the friendships. This AI bot friend can be the one having only those skills and habits which is being loved by you. And another edge you are going to have with Replika that it is available 24/7. You can talk and express your feelings and discuss any issues with it.

Artificial intelligence-powered writing assistance bot: Grammarly

If you are a writer and used to proofread your own content multiple times to identify and rectify any grammatical or punctuation mistakes, or you are a manager and deployed to proofread the content of others to identify the mistakes than Grammarly is going to make your life easy.

Grammarly is an artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant bot. It uses different AI technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing to identify any grammatical errors and to improve the quality of your content. Grammarly is a tool that not only lets you identify and rectify the grammatical mistakes in your content, but it also suggests you punctuation improvements to make your content sounding better.

Artificial intelligence based writing assistant Grammarly

Easily implementable

If you create an account on it and install its extension on Google Chrome then it is going to make your life easy like a piece of cake. It will automatically get adjusted in your email writing boxes. Its extension gets appeared everywhere in Google Chrome where you are going to write anything. It is continuously going to give you suggestions for any necessary corrective actions.

After having Grammarly you just don’t need to pay any extra amount to your proofreaders, because Grammarly is a one window solution for all your writing problems.

Can these AI bots be harmful to humans?

Many of the myths have appeared in recent times, stating that the expansion of artificial intelligence can be harmful to the human race. But the researches who are working on the development of Artificial intelligence technology don’t find it threatening to humans at all. They are developing it to be a helping hand for humans.

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If you are a lover of science fiction movies, then you might have watched the movie “iRobot” starring “Will Smith” and was being released in 2004. In this film, you can see how robots got dominated by getting learned human traits and other skills. In the movie, you can see the robots planning to take over the world.

Display of artificial intelligence robots in  the movie iRobot

The same has been depicted in a Bollywood Movie “Robot” starring “Rajnikant” and “Ashwariya Rai Bachchan“.

Display of artificial intelligence bots in the bollywood movie Robot

Don’t get scared, everything is okay till now

But right now nothing is going to happen like this as these bots are in a very initial stage of their development phase. And more importantly, the developers have designed them with a lot of controls and encryptions. It is therefore it is not going to be a very easy task for the hackers to play with and program them with negative traits.

Since we are in the era of technological revolution, we need to focus on developing these artificial intelligence technologies rather than criticizing the developers and scientists. The upcoming era is going to be so tough and there will be a lot of competition in it. It is going to be so hard for everyone in the upcoming days to survive without artificial intelligence. After all, it is a creation of humans like every other creation and invention like TV, the refrigerator, smartphone, laptop or the car, etc. We should deal with it like a utility and make the most of these artificial intelligence bots instead of criticizing the technology and its developers.

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Story by: Talha Ali Hashmi (Creative Head, MTD), he is a researcher possessing a degree in Environmental Studies and a certified Environmentalist from the Technical University of Denmark. He is writing on Current Affairs, Environmental Management, Education and Technology since the last 8 years

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