Pakistani people are sparkling at the international arena, congrats to Nergis Mavalvala

Pakistani people sparkling all around the globe

The article will let you know about the top Pakistani people performing at the International Arena, and details about the recent achievement of Pakistan based American scientist Nergis Mavalvala at MIT, US. Pakistani people are very much involved and engaged in the international scenario whether it is engineering sector, education, Astronomy, sports, Film making and IT etc. Since last decade Pakistanis are emerging drastically at the international stage. Also read: UAE Israel joined hands resulted in the split of the Muslim World! International performers from Pakistani origin Some of the…

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GCSE O and A Level results will be revised, Great News!

Image showing students celebrating

After announcement of the most controversial and de-motivating results in the history of Cambridge International Assessment and Education (CAIE), a great sigh of relieve has been provided to the disturbed and demoralized students of GCSE O and A Level and their parents. As the governments of different countries having students enrolled in GCSE communicated and discussed the controversial matter with the senior officials of Cambridge International Assessment and Education (CAIE). In lieu of reviewing the announced results, the students and parents from all around the globe participated in the great…

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UAE Israel joined hands resulted in the split of the Muslim World!

Featured image of the post depicting a split among the Muslim world in results of formation of ties between UAE Israel

On Thursday, 13th of August 2020 big change appeared in the world politics when a peace treaty called “Abraham Accord” was signed between UAE Israel. Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, many of the Muslim countries never maintained any sort of diplomatic relations with Israel. The reason is the unlawful occupancy of Islam’s 3rd holiest locations of the world Palestine. United Arab Emirates (UAE) came into being in 1972. They neither accepted the existence of Israel nor maintained any diplomatic relations with them till 12th of August 2020. President…

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Results of O & A Levels is being announced by CAIE

CAIE Results

The most awaited news for the students is here, as Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has published the May-June 2020 results of O & A Levels which got cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the globe. Results of O & A Levels being announced by CAIE The announcement includes the results of O & A Levels, IGCSE, Cambridge International AS, IPQ, AICE and ICE. Students around 950,000 from 4000 educational institutions from all around the globe were waiting for the results intensely since they all were very nervous to…

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A-Level students won the right to know about their achieved ranks

Featured A-Level

A-Level students have won the right to know about the rank they had achieved. They were struggling to achieve this right since long. As the exam of O-A Levels was not being conducted throughout the international setup under Cambridge International Examinations amid COVID-19 pandemic. Cancellation of Exams Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) at the very initial stage of lock-down had decided not to conduct exams this year and the results will be produced using the statistical model based on the performance of the students for previous years. Schools were directed to…

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Amazon is coming to Pakistan officially, great news!

Amazon in Pakistan

After that disturbance in services for whole two weeks in Pakistan, Amazon is making strategy to bring its cloud computing setup in Pakistan to persuade the public policy that can totally revolutionize the digital IT sector in Pakistan. Amazon is coming to Pakistan for bringing the cloud computing revolution in the country. We have come to know from the reliable resources that currently at Singapore there has been a office registered with the name of Amazon Data Service Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. And the office for controlling Amazon Data Services in…

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The Great Recession is not allowing the Americans to payout their credit card debts


In the current COVID-19 scenario, US among other nations of the world is also facing the worst recession of the history. More than 80% of the population keeping credit cards don’t feel themselves financially strong enough to pay at least the minimum of the payment of their credit card debts. The estimation has come in the result of a survey conducted by, it was also concluded that millennial card holders which are 91% of the total are lying at the higher risk patch of missing payments. While 25% people…

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