A-Level students won the right to know about their achieved ranks

Featured A-Level

A-Level students have won the right to know about the rank they had achieved. They were struggling to achieve this right since long. As the exam of O-A Levels was not being conducted throughout the international setup under Cambridge International Examinations amid COVID-19 pandemic. Cancellation of Exams Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) at the very initial stage of lock-down had decided not to conduct exams this year and the results will be produced using the statistical model based on the performance of the students for previous years. Schools were directed to…

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Amazon is coming to Pakistan officially, great news!

Amazon in Pakistan

After that disturbance in services for whole two weeks in Pakistan, Amazon is making strategy to bring its cloud computing setup in Pakistan to persuade the public policy that can totally revolutionize the digital IT sector in Pakistan. Amazon is coming to Pakistan for bringing the cloud computing revolution in the country. We have come to know from the reliable resources that currently at Singapore there has been a office registered with the name of Amazon Data Service Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. And the office for controlling Amazon Data Services in…

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Urban Forest: Story of Jungle in the city of Karachi

Urban Forest in Karachi

This story has been depicted from one of our documentaries covering the Urban Forest being developed by a social and welfare organization called Green Hands. As many of us are very well aware about the global warming issues from which our planet has been impacted very badly. The main reasons of the Global Warming can be considered as depletion of ozone layer, which fails to protect the earth from Ultraviolet rays. Another reason is the excessive quantity of Green House Gases (GHGs). One of the most important reasons of Global…

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Moto G9 Plus is coming to hit the market soon, price is already here

Moto G9 Plus

In this article you will come to know everything about upcoming smartphone of Motorola namely Moto G9 Plus. After the destructive start of the 2020 amid COVID-19, smartphone market is slightly trying to get established back. Nearly all of the smartphone brands reschedule the release of some of their most awaited smartphones. Like others Motorola also changed their plans regarding the release of their smartphones. It was due to giving some time for the consumers to achieve back their purchasing power. A few months ago Motorola released its first series…

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HEC is revising the curriculum for BS programs, allowing students to shift the subject of their degrees from one to another

Higher Education Commission

HEC always try to contribute in finding new techniques for the ease and flexibility to the students, to conduct their students more feasibly. In continuation of the same HEC is revising the curriculum for BS programs, so the students will be able to shift their subject of degree. According to the needs of the modern era and technological development, Higher Education Commission has emerged a newly designed curriculum for undergraduate programs. While HEC is revising the curriculum for undergraduate programs, resources say that, “the curriculum is going to be implemented…

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