GCSE O and A Level results will be revised, Great News!

Image showing students celebrating

After announcement of the most controversial and de-motivating results in the history of Cambridge International Assessment and Education (CAIE), a great sigh of relieve has been provided to the disturbed and demoralized students of GCSE O and A Level and their parents. As the governments of different countries having students enrolled in GCSE communicated and discussed the controversial matter with the senior officials of Cambridge International Assessment and Education (CAIE). In lieu of reviewing the announced results, the students and parents from all around the globe participated in the great…

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UAE Israel joined hands resulted in the split of the Muslim World!

Featured image of the post depicting a split among the Muslim world in results of formation of ties between UAE Israel

On Thursday, 13th of August 2020 big change appeared in the world politics when a peace treaty called “Abraham Accord” was signed between UAE Israel. Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, many of the Muslim countries never maintained any sort of diplomatic relations with Israel. The reason is the unlawful occupancy of Islam’s 3rd holiest locations of the world Palestine. United Arab Emirates (UAE) came into being in 1972. They neither accepted the existence of Israel nor maintained any diplomatic relations with them till 12th of August 2020. President…

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Not touring Pakistan? You will remain regretful! Here are the top tourist destinations of Pakistan

New feature image travelling

Tourism always plays a vital role in giving a positive exposure to any country in the world as well as giving a boost to the economy. Pakistan is having all the natural sites better than any country to attract the tourists from all around the Globe. Pakistan has always been a top destination for the travelers from all around the globe planning for touring Pakistan. But after 9/11 the picture has got changed a lot and impact of US’s war in the neighboring country Afghanistan imposed the aftereffects on Pakistan…

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Diagnosed with Diabetes? Don’t worry, you are absolutely fine

Diabetes article

When you are being diagnosed with Diabetes, it is quite shocking; it’s a human nature that makes you shock, because it was something that you never have expected. After getting diagnosed with Diabetes you need to change your way of living But you have to show the nerves, because diabetes has become very common nowadays, and almost every 3rd person is having diabetes. Don’t take it as an illness and disorder, consider it as a special condition of your body. Because this condition is going to be stick with you…

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