HEC introduced Competency Based Education, Good News for all

Competency Based Learning

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan always try to make things better for the students and introduce the new standards which makes our education system matching in the modern day world. In continuation of this streak another initiative has been taken and HEC introduced Competency based education for undergraduate level in Pakistan, said HEC officials in a statement. Why HEC introduced Competency Based Education? Competency based Education refers to as the Education System which facilitates the student and allow him/her to continue the education according their own feasibility, like online…

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Urban Forest: Story of Jungle in the city of Karachi

Urban Forest in Karachi

This story has been depicted from one of our documentaries covering the Urban Forest being developed by a social and welfare organization called Green Hands. As many of us are very well aware about the global warming issues from which our planet has been impacted very badly. The main reasons of the Global Warming can be considered as depletion of ozone layer, which fails to protect the earth from Ultraviolet rays. Another reason is the excessive quantity of Green House Gases (GHGs). One of the most important reasons of Global…

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