Reopening of educational institutions: Still a big question

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Since March 2020, educational institutions in nearly the whole world were temporarily closed amid COVID-19 pandemic. Among other losses like economical and moral losses, COVID-19 has given the huge loss to the education of the whole world as well. Since the closure of educational institutions including Schools, Colleges and Universities, students are continuously seeking and expecting any dates for the reopening of educational institutions. Efforts of the World for Reopening of educational institutions Administration of all the countries tried to continue their education setup through online sessions. But online sessions…

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Diagnosed with Diabetes? Don’t worry, you are absolutely fine

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When you are being diagnosed with Diabetes, it is quite shocking; it’s a human nature that makes you shock, because it was something that you never have expected. After getting diagnosed with Diabetes you need to change your way of living But you have to show the nerves, because diabetes has become very common nowadays, and almost every 3rd person is having diabetes. Don’t take it as an illness and disorder, consider it as a special condition of your body. Because this condition is going to be stick with you…

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