HEC banned sub-campuses of 6 universities

HEC banned 6 universities

As we all know that as per HEC’s directives universities are allowed to take admissions for the coming fall semester, while in this season of intake HEC and Government of Punjab has imposed a ban of some of the universities violating the HEC guidelines. After acknowledging the news about the banning of these campuses students got puzzled up and acquiring to HEC continuously about the status of the campuses and sub-campuses of these banned universities. HEC banned the following universities Following you will find the names of all those universities…

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Superman Man of Tomorrow is releasing

A screenshot from the official teaser

We all remains ever ready to watch any new thing related to Superman launches, as today trailer of the new animated series of DC Comic “Superman: Man of Tomorrow has been released by the Warner Bros. Following the release of this new trailer of Superman: Man of Tomorrow, it’s must to recall that DC is consecutively releasing multiple animated features since they released Superman Doomsday back in 2007. The most recent film, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, provide the conclusion of the continuity that began at the end of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.…

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Drones of nano size bought by US Army

Nano drones has proved to be a useful tool used by military since recent few year, and according to the a latest announcement, that US Army has awarded a contract of $20.6 million to FLIR Systems for the Black Hornet 3 (BH3) Personal Reconnaissance Systems (PRS). Black Hornet 3 is having the potential to provide multiple military advantages as it is having size like a cellphone, weighing too low, having nearly no noise, having the flying tome upto 25 minutes. National Defense reported that, while getting its second contract, FLIR…

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Messiah Season 2: Why Netflix is delaying season 2? Who is going to remain in the cast? Everyone is desperately awaited of the news!

On 1st of January 2020 a thriller web series created by Michael Petroni named Messiah Season 2 was released on Netflix. Its first season was based on 10 episodes. The circulates around a man of a strange personality called “Al-Masih” by his followers having the real name “Payam Golshiri”. His followers claimed in the show that he is awaited one the second coming of Jesus. Considering that his appearance in the world was sudden and immediately after getting turned in to the world he started to show miraculous stuff which…

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Protest occurs in multiple areas of Karachi due to excessive load-shedding and over-billing done by K-Electric

On Wednesday prolonged power cut off ignited protest against K-Electric in multiple areas of Karachi. After long power breakdown and load-shedding in some localities of Karachi have turned the citizens to have a great temperament loss. Huge protest has been conducted by the residents of lines area and Abyssinia Lines against the excessive load-shedding by K-Electric. A very busy road of Karachi Shahrah-e- Quaideen was being blocked by the protesters but after negotiation with the Police and Rangers officials they agreed to open one side of the road. Also read:…

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