Google tells you, who is calling you and why?

Google Phone App

A new feature which the Google is going to introduced. Its Phone App is your incoming call will be verified, This feature is going to tell you about the caller, which includes caller’s business logo, name and the objective of the call. Android Police was the medium where this news had been shown on a Google support page. This special feature will relies on the information provided by the business that is calling i.e. its phone number, your phone number, and the reason behind the call straightforwardly to Google. After…

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X-Box series X is unleashing, its economic

X-Box series X

Since last year there is news floating around about a cheap and less powerful X-Box Series X console. Which has been allocated with codename of ‘LOCKHART’. A leaked document of Microsoft with references about ‘LOCKHART’ console and multiple “Project Scarlett consoles” has been posted on Twitter.  In the mean time another report came with more news about the specifs of ‘LOCKHART’ console. Included 7.5GB of usable RAM. It has also been wondered that Lockhart console Xbox will come up with the support of 1080p or 1440p gaming. It is pretty…

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Honor 9A, everything you’d love to know!

Honor 9A

Honor has always been very frequent with its new releases, linking to this sentence Honor has introduced its new 9A, and they have selected Europe to release it first as it is going to launched on 1st of July and afterward they are going to release it in other countries as well. Following the same pattern of previous launches by Honor, 9A is also can be seen much replicable gadget, witnessing the company is used to follow a same-line pattern. It has been featured with a typical Honor notch-intersected display.…

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Load-shedding to end in 48Hrs K-E promised

Depicting the darkness in city and glow at KE Logo

After getting a promise to get enough supply of gas and furnace oil from the authorities, K-Electric assured the Governor of Sindh Mr. Imran Ismail about the load-shedding to be ended within 48 hours. All the above sureties were submitted to the Governor by Chief Executive Officer of K-Electric Mr. Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi in a meeting held yesterday in Governor House, Karachi. If KE get succeeded in sticking with the commitment then it would be great relief for the citizens of Karachi. As they are very much exhausted with…

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