Motorola One Fusion, specs and prices

One Fusion

Motorola is being noticed to be very quiet and calm while announcing a compact version of the recently launched Motorola Fusion+. It seems like the smartphone is having a drawback in terms of features when compare to other smartphone released recently and sharing their price group with Motorola One Fusion. Motorola One Fusion design and display Look-wise this one is sharing the same design and look just like its previously released elder and the big one Motorola One Fusion+. Though it is not having a pop-up selfie camera like its…

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5G VS Broadband, who will win?

5G VS Broadband

Do you really think that introduction of 5G technology will kick off the broadband from home? To find the answer of it just roll back in the past when video was invented and everyone whispered that after the invention of video radio will be gone. So did you notice any disappearance of radio? The answer would be definitely “No”. 5G VS Broadband scenario has been sketched below.   Working side by rather than standing in front of each other as the competitors is much better. In some places 5G internet…

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PEMRA issues notice to several news channels on airing Fake News


PEMRA issues notice of show–cause to different news channels . The reason was to airing of fake news regarding the grounding of Pakistani Pilots and engineers by Kuwait Airways. Right after airing of the news regarding the suspension of 262 pilots on grounds of fake licenses and degree. Social media got scrolled with a number of rumours including news that Pakistani pilots and engineers are being grounded to work on several international airlines including Kuwait Airways. Along with the Social Media websites, some Pakistani News Channels also got mad with…

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Unban PUBG in Pakistan campaign on twitter

Unban PUBG in Pakistan

As we all know that PUBG has got banned in Pakistan. It was one of the most favorite online games among Pakistani teenagers right now, and every teenager had became addicted of the game. But after receiving directions from Lahore High Court, Pakistan, PTA has banned the game all over the country. This has spread a very depressing impact on the youth of the country. It has ignited a campaign named Unban PUBG in Pakistan. The ban was imposed on 1st of July by Lahore High Court till the next…

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New pandemic, are we really expecting it?

a sever pandemic

According to a study a new flu type of virus has been observed in the Chinese pigs. And it has become very much contagion among the pigs. While the humans who are coming in contact with those tainted pigs are also getting infected from it. And it needs to be monitored closely before it became a new pandemic like COVID-19. However the experts stated that, “we don’t believe that there is going to be a forthcoming threat because of this virus among pigs. Influenza virus traced in pigs from the…

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HEC declared the recent news as fake

HEC declared fake news

Recently a denial note came from Higher Education Commission HEC about the rankings rumored around the social media for online readiness of universities. Particular press has may be issued with some reports based on the universities independent claim. However, HEC has shared data retrieved from the universities after asking them to self-assess their institutions. It was totally based on the percentage of data submitted by all the universities. Means the documentation acquired by HEC from the universities. The data of 138 universities has already been submitted on the official website…

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Free COVID-19 testing facility now in Karachi


There is good news for all those citizens which are not able to go for a COVID-19 test. Due to the low budget more than 50% of citizens avoid to go for the COVID-19 screening test. Now you can have a COVID-19 test free of cost. Thanks to Pakistan Red Crescent Society as they have organized a testing facility at Hilal-e-Ahmer House, Karachi. Just go there to have a walk-in COVID-19 test. Officials of Pakistan Red Crescent Society said that, “to request an appointment for the test you have to…

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iPhone 12: Never expected to be this cheap

iPhone 12

Everyone wanted to have experience of iPhone. But usually the reason for not having one is the price of iPhone. But this time you just don’t need to worry because Apple is launching iPhone 12 with comparatively very low price. According to a leak it is going to be purchased for as low as $549, which is going to be the best flagship values around. It was already rumored that Apple is going to release its new model as one of the most affordable flagship phones of the year. But…

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Wearing a mask potentially stops COVID-19

People wearing mask

According to a new research, the masks can play a important role in keeping away the COVID-19. While avoiding such destructive lockdowns further. As in San Frisco, it is mandatory for you to cover your face if you saw someone is coming towards you crossing distance of 30 feet away. A study’s models looked at countries with a culture of mass face mask wearing. Most of which also made wearing masks in public mandatory during the epidemic. Wearing a mask has become part of life Wearing a mask has become…

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Huawei “Learn ON for All” free certification

Huawei Learn ON for All

Due to the impact of novel coronavirus all educational institutions in Pakistan are still closed. It has created a huge gap in the communication between both the students and the educationists. Due to the discontinuation of the conventional educations system has ruined the learning ethics. It seems like to be very much certain that, these sorts of disturbances will lead the education setup to further irritating scenario. To contribute in the filling of this developing gap. Huawei “Learn ON for All” program has been launched in the country by Huawei…

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