The Great Recession is not allowing the Americans to payout their credit card debts


In the current COVID-19 scenario, US among other nations of the world is also facing the worst recession of the history. More than 80% of the population keeping credit cards don’t feel themselves financially strong enough to pay at least the minimum of the payment of their credit card debts. The estimation has come in the result of a survey conducted by, it was also concluded that millennial card holders which are 91% of the total are lying at the higher risk patch of missing payments. While 25% people…

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World Banks’ loan of $500m for Pakistan

500USD for Pakistan

World Banks’ loan of $500 million has been approved for the sanction to Pakistan by the World Bank, in lieu of giving a support to recently announced Pakistan’s 2020-21 budget. It had become essential for Pakistan to obtain this loan because the expenses got increased in result of COVID-19 pandemic throughout the country, said by representative of World Bank. To initiate the Sustainable Economy (RISE) programme covering the resilient institutions, and to make able Pakistan to manage its fiscal issues, also giving some boost to the growth of private sector,…

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Microsoft closes all its stores permanently

Microsoft retail store

Physical stores of Microsoft all over the globe are going to be closed permanently. As Microsoft closes it stores globally but some of them are going to be turned into Microsoft Experience Centers that includes United States and four other location around the world. As per Microsoft, their Retails stores in New York City (Fifth Ave), London (Oxford Circus), Sydney (Westfield Sydney) and the Remond campus location are going to be turned as Microsoft’s Experience Centers. Only the store in London was just opened about a year ago. All other…

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Leased car owners, good news for you

Cars in showroom

State Bank of Pakistan announced that it has just reduced the rate of interest on car financing products. It doesn’t matter that you have leased car last year or planning to go for a new one. You just don’t need to worry about at all, it will cost you 50% cheaper. Commercial banks are also going to reduce their rate, because of reduction in the same from State Bank of Pakistan. Because any amendment in the rates of monetary policy of State Bank of Pakistan gets directly deem to be…

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