GCSE O and A Level results will be revised, Great News!

Image showing students celebrating

After announcement of the most controversial and de-motivating results in the history of Cambridge International Assessment and Education (CAIE), a great sigh of relieve has been provided to the disturbed and demoralized students of GCSE O and A Level and their parents. As the governments of different countries having students enrolled in GCSE communicated and discussed the controversial matter with the senior officials of Cambridge International Assessment and Education (CAIE). In lieu of reviewing the announced results, the students and parents from all around the globe participated in the great…

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Results of O & A Levels is being announced by CAIE

CAIE Results

The most awaited news for the students is here, as Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has published the May-June 2020 results of O & A Levels which got cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the globe. Results of O & A Levels being announced by CAIE The announcement includes the results of O & A Levels, IGCSE, Cambridge International AS, IPQ, AICE and ICE. Students around 950,000 from 4000 educational institutions from all around the globe were waiting for the results intensely since they all were very nervous to…

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A-Level students won the right to know about their achieved ranks

Featured A-Level

A-Level students have won the right to know about the rank they had achieved. They were struggling to achieve this right since long. As the exam of O-A Levels was not being conducted throughout the international setup under Cambridge International Examinations amid COVID-19 pandemic. Cancellation of Exams Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) at the very initial stage of lock-down had decided not to conduct exams this year and the results will be produced using the statistical model based on the performance of the students for previous years. Schools were directed to…

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Reopening of educational institutions: Still a big question

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Since March 2020, educational institutions in nearly the whole world were temporarily closed amid COVID-19 pandemic. Among other losses like economical and moral losses, COVID-19 has given the huge loss to the education of the whole world as well. Since the closure of educational institutions including Schools, Colleges and Universities, students are continuously seeking and expecting any dates for the reopening of educational institutions. Efforts of the World for Reopening of educational institutions Administration of all the countries tried to continue their education setup through online sessions. But online sessions…

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HEC introduced Competency Based Education, Good News for all

Competency Based Learning

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan always try to make things better for the students and introduce the new standards which makes our education system matching in the modern day world. In continuation of this streak another initiative has been taken and HEC introduced Competency based education for undergraduate level in Pakistan, said HEC officials in a statement. Why HEC introduced Competency Based Education? Competency based Education refers to as the Education System which facilitates the student and allow him/her to continue the education according their own feasibility, like online…

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HEC is revising the curriculum for BS programs, allowing students to shift the subject of their degrees from one to another

Higher Education Commission

HEC always try to contribute in finding new techniques for the ease and flexibility to the students, to conduct their students more feasibly. In continuation of the same HEC is revising the curriculum for BS programs, so the students will be able to shift their subject of degree. According to the needs of the modern era and technological development, Higher Education Commission has emerged a newly designed curriculum for undergraduate programs. While HEC is revising the curriculum for undergraduate programs, resources say that, “the curriculum is going to be implemented…

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Karachi University exempted entry test for different programs

University of Karachi

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the education setup in Pakistan has been completely destroyed. Students are trying their level best to get used to of the online education trends being adopted by all the types of educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities. But still students are quite disturbed and don’t seems to be accepting the teaching style being conducted in the online education scenario. Particularly in the universities the previous Spring-2020 semester was being conducted in a very disturbing manner. It was like the very first experience of online…

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Details about the reopening of the education institutions in September by Education Minister

Shafqat Mehmood

After approval of the schedule for reopening of the educational institutions by the National Command and Control Center (NCOC), Federal Minister of Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mehmood briefed about it in detail in a press conference. According to the decision made by NCOC, it is decided that reopening of the education institutions across the country including Government and Private Schools, Madaris, public and private colleges & universities will be commenced by 15th of September 2020. After the detailed discussion and consent of all the provincial governments along with their…

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HEC declared the recent news as fake

HEC declared fake news

Recently a denial note came from Higher Education Commission HEC about the rankings rumored around the social media for online readiness of universities. Particular press has may be issued with some reports based on the universities independent claim. However, HEC has shared data retrieved from the universities after asking them to self-assess their institutions. It was totally based on the percentage of data submitted by all the universities. Means the documentation acquired by HEC from the universities. The data of 138 universities has already been submitted on the official website…

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