Unban PUBG in Pakistan campaign on twitter

Unban PUBG in Pakistan

As we all know that PUBG has got banned in Pakistan. It was one of the most favorite online games among Pakistani teenagers right now, and every teenager had became addicted of the game. But after receiving directions from Lahore High Court, Pakistan, PTA has banned the game all over the country. This has spread a very depressing impact on the youth of the country. It has ignited a campaign named Unban PUBG in Pakistan. The ban was imposed on 1st of July by Lahore High Court till the next…

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PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass: Launching Pharoah’s character

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass

All of the gamers which had been in the ride since last five years. They are very much aware of the name PUBG. Now since PUBG Mobile is being introduced it has become more addictive. Being the most addictive and highly rated game globally Now the creators are going to launch PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass. The developers of the game keeps it on priority to add more and more new and influential characters in the games. Because it leaves an impact on the gamer, while these characters are…

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Superman Man of Tomorrow is releasing

A screenshot from the official teaser

We all remains ever ready to watch any new thing related to Superman launches, as today trailer of the new animated series of DC Comic “Superman: Man of Tomorrow has been released by the Warner Bros. Following the release of this new trailer of Superman: Man of Tomorrow, it’s must to recall that DC is consecutively releasing multiple animated features since they released Superman Doomsday back in 2007. The most recent film, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, provide the conclusion of the continuity that began at the end of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.…

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Messiah Season 2: Why Netflix is delaying season 2? Who is going to remain in the cast? Everyone is desperately awaited of the news!

On 1st of January 2020 a thriller web series created by Michael Petroni named Messiah Season 2 was released on Netflix. Its first season was based on 10 episodes. The circulates around a man of a strange personality called “Al-Masih” by his followers having the real name “Payam Golshiri”. His followers claimed in the show that he is awaited one the second coming of Jesus. Considering that his appearance in the world was sudden and immediately after getting turned in to the world he started to show miraculous stuff which…

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SpongeBob SquarePants franchise opted to release their 3rd film on live streaming medium rather than waiting for cinemas to be reopened

According to Variety, SpongeBob We all know this animated character very well, many of us was used to be the fan of this animated series on Nickelodeon. Now this series was going to make its debut on movie theaters but due to COVID-19 pandemic the creators are going to making its premiere to On Demand and CBS All Access streaming in early 2021. The previous date for the making the debut on the movie on big screen was 22nd of May, meanwhile the COVID-19 pandemic occurred causing the delay in…

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He was himself an academy, one of the most loved and respected celebrity of all time Tariq Aziz passed away in Lahore on Wednesday at the age of 84  Tariq Aziz possessed multiple talent skills, he was a politician, an actor, first host of Pakistan Television, a poet and above all, he was the pioneer of the TV Game Show in the country. He was an ambassador of culture for Pakistan he never compromised national and cultural values whenever he glittered on both the big and small screens He born…

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The devotees has shown a lot of nerves and tried to be strong even after came to know about the heartbreaking deaths from the past films of MARVEL CINEMATICS According to fans speculating what may roll out next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will be Clint Barton aka Hawkeye who will be biting the dust next. With Hawkeye returning in the upcoming Disney+ original, his daughter and successor Kate Bishop will also be getting included. Reddit users have now been trying to put two and two together to find…

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First major movie to restart the shooting will be ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’

We are happy to see encouraging signs for the restart of production, such as with the ‘Avatar’ team, who, thanks to New Zealand’s success in battling Covid-19, and courageously is now back in action, and it seem like that the Jurassic World Dominion is going to be first major movie to resume production in United Kingdom The coronavirus outbreak shut down movie theatres worldwide in mid-March and brought production of films to a halt. Due to the pandemic the film sets have been quiet as cast and crew members were…

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