Facebook asked by Pakistani IT Minister to clarify difference in policy for Pakistan and India

Facebook asked by Pakistani IT Minister to clarify

This article is going to let you aware about the international conspiracies being led by India to spread Hindu Nationalism and open support of Facebook for them, and what Pakistani IT Minister conveyed to Facebook Sometimes it feels like that there is really something fishy has been cooking in the international politics. And these sorts of complications and dis-balancing of the things can be disappointing for the mindsets of the people who have been following that particular object or network with great devotion and interest. If you are not getting…

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Amazon is coming to Pakistan officially, great news!

Amazon in Pakistan

After that disturbance in services for whole two weeks in Pakistan, Amazon is making strategy to bring its cloud computing setup in Pakistan to persuade the public policy that can totally revolutionize the digital IT sector in Pakistan. Amazon is coming to Pakistan for bringing the cloud computing revolution in the country. We have come to know from the reliable resources that currently at Singapore there has been a office registered with the name of Amazon Data Service Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. And the office for controlling Amazon Data Services in…

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“COVID Alert” app launched in Canada to fight against COVID-19


The article is going to give you a brief analysis about the app “COVID Alert” launched by Canadian government to fight against COVID-19. Since every country is trying to reduce the impact of COVID-19, and in the plan of action they are trying their level best to find different ways which can prove to be a great source of reducing impact of the contagious disease. Canada has also taken the initiative by launching a very useful smartphone app on last Friday. This app is going to highlight those people who…

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Moto G9 Plus is coming to hit the market soon, price is already here

Moto G9 Plus

In this article you will come to know everything about upcoming smartphone of Motorola namely Moto G9 Plus. After the destructive start of the 2020 amid COVID-19, smartphone market is slightly trying to get established back. Nearly all of the smartphone brands reschedule the release of some of their most awaited smartphones. Like others Motorola also changed their plans regarding the release of their smartphones. It was due to giving some time for the consumers to achieve back their purchasing power. A few months ago Motorola released its first series…

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, all about the new product

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung is going to unveil its new sensation in gadget market. This time its not a phone this time its Samsung’s new earbuds. In some of new leaked photos for the first time the product can be seen with its charging case. Evan Blass was the first who leaked the photos of the earbuds following a prior leak of 9to5Google. It has been exposed alongwith charging case and bronze color scheme. It has also been revealed that the product is going to be called Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. The best…

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Motorola One Fusion, specs and prices

One Fusion

Motorola is being noticed to be very quiet and calm while announcing a compact version of the recently launched Motorola Fusion+. It seems like the smartphone is having a drawback in terms of features when compare to other smartphone released recently and sharing their price group with Motorola One Fusion. Motorola One Fusion design and display Look-wise this one is sharing the same design and look just like its previously released elder and the big one Motorola One Fusion+. Though it is not having a pop-up selfie camera like its…

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5G VS Broadband, who will win?

5G VS Broadband

Do you really think that introduction of 5G technology will kick off the broadband from home? To find the answer of it just roll back in the past when video was invented and everyone whispered that after the invention of video radio will be gone. So did you notice any disappearance of radio? The answer would be definitely “No”. 5G VS Broadband scenario has been sketched below.   Working side by rather than standing in front of each other as the competitors is much better. In some places 5G internet…

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Google’s Team briefed IT and Telecom Minister about achievements

Minister Amin Ul Haq

Google’s Team briefed Mr. Syed Amin-ul-Haque (Federal Minister of IT and Telecom) through a virtual meeting about the initiative Google has commenced till date and they are also brief the Federal Minister about the path country has adopted to digitalizing and persuing the significance of Computer Science and the use of developing technology among the youth of the country.  Google collaborating with other stakeholders of Pakistan is going to launch numerous incredible programs like early age programming initiative and “CS First” and this sort of program are going to be…

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New OnePlus Smart TV, very advance & affordable

New OnePlus Smart TV

New OnePlus Smart TV has finally been launched by the company, we were hearing about it since last few months, OnePlus is a Chinese brand famous for manufacturing Smartphone under economic budget. They have made their debut in the world of Television, initially in the home country of China and India. Amid COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently expecting that the OnePlus is going to release their TV in US, UK and European countries, as the pandemic has disturbed the releasing schedules of many brands. However, If there’s one thing…

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